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Friday, May 27, 2011

I Piss On Your God-Given Rights

Yea, you read that right. I don't give a shit about your god-given rights. I see it almost everyday and it pisses me off to no end. There's nothing like getting your blood boiling when you're on your way to pay the government your "fair" share. Let me explain...
I'd get on the train every morning and it almost never fails to see at least one poor family with more than 3 kids on there. How do I know they're poor? Well, you're just going to have to trust me on this one. If I have to go into details, you'd label me a racist DESPITE how right I am. Well, this morning, I see this fat lady with 6 kids, 6! Then again, she might just be pregnant again and not as fat as I think she is. So what the fuck? What would lead anyone to have 6 kids, with possibly another on the way? I mean, we're in America, not Mexico. We don't use our kids to pick the garbages. Nor are we in Southeast Asia, there are no child labor sweatshops to make money off your kids.
Now obviously it's none of my business how many kids you choose to have. However, when you're poor, it becomes my business. Through taxes, people like me are fucking raising these kids. Furthermore, these damn kids are going to be taking resources away from my ONE kid comes school time. There are fucking limited resources for schools and the more kids there are, the less goes to each individual child. In essence, I'm paying taxes to support these kids who then in turn either fucks my kid out of valuable public school resources or force me to shell out even more money to send my kid to private school.
And then let's not forget the "environmental" perspective. You know how much carbon footprint these kids eventually leave behind? I don't exactly, but I do know it'll be a ton, especially if they decide to procreate like their disgusting mom.
Shit like this grind my gears to no end. It's total disregard for society. Bunch of fucking freeloaders. Can't we just round them up and send them to Afghanistan for some humanitarian aid? I'm sure those Afghans can use some free labor on their poppy fields.