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Friday, November 09, 2007

I'll have the Osso Buco, but hold the meat!

What's really grinding my gears today are the people throwing around terms like "Veggie Ham" or "Veggie Duck" or even worse, "Veggie Pad Thai!" If you've even referred to something as "veggie (anything)," YOU are grinding my gears and you really need to stop it, pronto!

You don't call something "veggie ham" for the same reason you don't call a black guy "black caucasian." Not only is it confusing, it's just plain wrong! First, you're not giving the product its due respect. You love the crap so much that you can't come up with an original name for it? Did the Kleenex people call their product "just paper?" No, they didn't - they took the time to come up with "tissue!" And what about the Apple people? Did they just call their product "generic digital music player?" No, they didn't - they took the time to come up with "iPod!" You people disgusts me with your lack of respect and laziness. You should be the posterchild for the pro-abortion campaign!

Secondly, not only are you lazy, you're also stupid! Think about it - how can you call something ham when it doesn't contain a single pig body part? Does "veggie duck" contain any duck parts? NO, IT DOESN'T! Only a retard could ever come to that. Are you a retard? Are you sure? You do awfully sound like a retard if you can't differenciate vegetables from meat.

And let's not forget this last point: you are all hypocrites. You all think you're so high and mighty with you "I'm a vegetarian and I'm better than you" shit and yet you have the need to call your food "ham" and "duck" and etc. What the fuck is that shit? That's like some pro-life fuck that refuses to pay child support (or on the flip side, some woman who had an abortion demanding child support for the aborted fetus). It's fucked up!!! Serious, go eat salad and stop giving other people shit for eating meat. Meat is good and you know you want some too! Excuse me, I need to finish my chicken and rice!

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