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Friday, March 31, 2006


Yes, I'm back. As much as I hate to leave you hanging, I do enjoy putting in the extra hours at work for some extra pay (lap dances don't pay for itself unless you're Anna Benson).

I have a dog. Named him Kosmo after Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld but with a K because my name starts with a K. He's a shih-tsu and he's from a breeder. I like my pets pure-bred. I'm pure bred. I can't see why anyone would have a problem with that until I looked on craigslist. When the hell did craigslist become PETA??? Apparently, according to many of the people who use craigslist, I'm killing dogs left and right simply because I chose to buy a dog from a breeder rather than "adopt" a dog from a shelter. Hmmmm...that is genius! It's almost as genius as blaming me for the cheap prices at Wal-mart simply because I shop there.

"What about saving a life? People like you keep the back yard breeders in business." said some douchebag on craigslist. Here's my answer: FUCK YOU! First of all, why don't you try adopting 6 dogs first before calling me out? This is a person who claimed to have adopted a cat. A FUCKING CAT! A cat that don't need to be walked, cleaned after, and etc. Getting a cat instead of a dog is like taking study hall instead of calculus in high school. It's a cop out! Adopt a dog first and then we'll talk.

Secondly, my dog comes from a respected breeder with credentials. It didn't come from a puppy mill. And even if it did, how am I not saving a life of a dog by getting him instead of some mutt at the shelter? What do you think happens to a puppy mill puppy when it's not getting sold? If you ask me, the difference between the two is the same as the difference between a $100 ho and a drunk whore you pick up at the bar. In the end, you're spending $100 for the lay regardless of which one you get. The only difference is with the ho, you're not getting puked on and she leaves after the lay. Moreover, I doubt some "backyard breeder" would stop breeding dogs simply because I adopt a dog.

Thirdly, why the hell would I "adopt" a dog when I have to pay all these fees that comes pretty close to what a pure-bred dog costs from a breeder? It's stupidity. Think about it this way: do you go to a steakhouse and choose the rump over the porterhouse simply because the $40 rump is $1 cheaper? I think not. If you adopt a mutt over the golden retreiver that you've always wanted for about the same price, whouldn't you regret it? You'd have to look at that mutt everyday for the next...(and another thing, if you adopt a mutt, you have no clue when the dog was born, would you like a child with no birthday for 1% off your hospital bill? I think not!) however many years and you'll be wishing it was a retreiver every single minute of it.

Bottomline, some people needs to leave me the fuck alone and not tell me how to live my life. I don't need some UAW worker bitching at me for buying a better-built BMW over a Ford Focus. I don't need the chef of an Italian Restaurant bitching at me for wanting Sushi. And I certainly don't need some douchebag cat fancier who isn't doing anything to save the life of a dog to tell me how to get MY pet! So if anyone ever give you shit like this, say it loud and say it proud, "FUCK YOU!"

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