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Monday, February 18, 2008

Wait!!! That Hamburger you're about to eat have been a victim of animal cruelty!!!

Yes people, the Dept. of Agriculture have recalled 143 million pounds of beef because undercover video have show that the cattle which the meat comes from have been mistreated - crippled cows being pushed with forklift. Moreover, 2 former employees at the Westland/Hallmark Meat Company have been charged with animal cruelty.

Okay, I'm no genius - at least not yet certified as one, but what's the difference here? If I kick a cow a day before it's slaughtered, am I liable for animal cruelty? Or hell, if I go out hunting and only injure a deer and it runs away, is that animal cruelty?

Look, I have 2 dogs and would definitely go apeshit if anyone tried to harm them in any way. But we're talking about cows! Cows that are scheduled to be SLAUGHTERED and end up on my steak egg and cheese bagel (which I might add is muy delicioso), my Blimpie Burger, my prime rib, my flank steak (medium rare) with spinish, or my Porterhouse (again, medium rare) with garlic mashed potatos!!! Do I care if the meat came from a cow that has been "abused?" Clearly the answer is NO as long as it ends up on my bagel, bun, and plate without mad cow disease!

And by the way, who the fuck hired PETA to work at the USDA and the slaughterhouse? I think the first question (even before the name section) on the applications to the two places should be "Are you a member or supporter of PETA?" If yes, straight to the garbage. If no, move on to the name (but if the name sounds Mexican - verify legal status, so you don't get sued). And if hired and later verified to have lied on the PETA answer, branding on the ass!

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